Self Build Garage

With house prices rising steeply, self-building offers an affordable alternative to buying an existing house. Garage, remember, takes up to 30 per cent of the front elevation of the house so it should be compatible in shape and material. Build garage self kits exist in concrete, timber and brick but most homeowners design their own to suit size of plot and car.

Future-proof the garage by designing deeper foundations than necessary so you could build an extra room or storage space over the car space. If the garage is already in place and you want an extension, it will probably be easier to knock it down and build from new than to underpin.
Before build garage self, take a look at this research from the Nation wide building society, analysing its house price index, says a garage for a single car adds 6 per cent to the value of an average home. But build a double garage and it will add 15 per cent. The value added will vary between regions.

However, there are certain other rules and regulations to be followed for build garage self. It would be wise to consider the intent of the building code when restricting direct access from a garage to a bedroom. The purpose of this prohibition is to prevent exhaust fumes from a car or smoke from a garage fire from entering a room where someone might be sleeping.

You will probably need planning permission if more than half the land around your house will be covered by the garage; if the garage is to be more than three metres high and/or has a capacity of more than10 cubic metres (which it must be to take a car); or if your home is listed, in a conservation area or a national park.

New innivitive material called ICF for the DIY garage builder.